I contribute to open-source software when I’m not busy or working with clients. Following is a list of some of my most prominent & beloved side-projects.

Project NameBrief Description of the Projects
Alokka(WIP) A super-fast asynchronous Python library for the Twitter API
BlogA personal blog I built & maintain to share my knowledge & experiences.
dotfiles-windows(WIP) My personal list of dotfiles I use on my Windows machines along with some PowerShell scripts.
Niyomok(WIP) A template to use for easily starting a brand new Netlify + TypeScript project.
Jarvim(WIP) A one-stop solution for those looking for a sensible IDE-like configuration for Neovim

Overview of the Respective Projects

The aforementioned projects are some of my most passionate projects, I created. Feel free to check out (or contribute if you want to! 😉).

That said, here’s a more comprehensive details of each of those projects:

  • Alokka: This is an asynchronous wrapper around the latest Twitter API v2 for Python. My motivation to create Alokka was because back when I created it, there was no support for the latest v2 API. Most of the popular Python packages for Twitter API were outdated or didn’t support v2 for whatever reasons. Hence, I decided to start my journey with Alokka. But as of Sept 2021, the project hasn’t received any attention & is unlikely to see any time soon. I would love to collaborate on the project though so do let me know if it interests you! ❤️
  • Personal Blog: Blogging is yet another auxiliary skill every developer should’ve on their belt. Hence, I started my blogging journey some two years ago with Medium. But Medium’s limitation & the fact “I don’t own the contents” I share led to start with my personal blogging platform. I used Netlify, Hugo & a lot other technology to set it up & have future plans to redo it with further improvements in the near future! Do check out it’s repository if you’re interested in how I blog.
  • dotfiles-windows: Inspired by Mythias Bynen’s dotfiles, I wanted to backup my dotfiles for my Windows machines as well! This work-in-progress holds all the dotfiles I use to configure software like Neovim, Git, Windows Terminal & so on. Other goodies included with the dotfiles are PowerShell scripts for automating some repetitive & mundance tasks.
  • Niyomok: Pronounced as nee-o-mokh means “rules & regulations” in Bengali. With Niyomok, creating a NextJS project from scratch everytimeno longer has to be a repetitive task. Create a repository from the template, clone the recently created repo locally & you’re good to go! You no longer have to configure ESLint, Prettier & other stuff from scratch ever again.
  • Jarvim: While Neovim is rightfully shipped as a minimalistic text editor, you’re free to configure & extend it as you wish. Which means, it’s possible to have an extremely lightweight IDE-like experience right within the Terminal. But it comes with a compromise, configuring Neovim takes time (possibly a lifetime) but Jarvim let’s you experience that without any configurations requirements! It’s a one-stop solution, curl the install script & let it take care of the rest.