Hi there! 👋 I’m Somraj Saha (you can call me Jarmos).

I work as an independent Software Engineer for a living. Over the years I picked up knowledge in Python & Machine Learning (mostly due to my academic background in Economics). And only recently did I start dabbling around with frontend technologies for the Web.

I’ve listed my tech stack on the Technology Stack section of my Services page. So, in case you would like to hire me, that information might prove useful for you! ❤️

Besides programming, I’m also an amateur Technical Writer. My blog is one source where you can find most of my up-to-date written content. But, often there’s a book or two I keep working on. If you would like to stay updated on their progress, you might want to follow me on Twitter.

But when I’m on the Terminal, you can find me on Steam probably playing a game or two. If you would like to join me in a game, feel free to drop a message. You can DM me on Discord(Jarmos#8937) and/or on my Steam(Jarmos-san).

Contact Me

Want to have a professional chat with me? Feel free to drop a DM! 😄

These are the platforms you can find me on:

Note: I’m more active on Twitter, so you’ll definitely want to DM me there.